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Civil Code 1938(c) 

Business Legal Alert: Effective July 1, 2013, commercial landlords must include an accessibility survey statement in their leases.


In this edition of Just a Legal Minute, attorney Patrick M. Hartnett highlights a revision to Civil Code 1938 (c) to help businesses comply with accessibility laws and to prevent nuisance law suits from opportunistic plaintiffs.

Contract Law

ATTENTION: Anyone Who Enters Into Contracts in California


It has become even more important in the State of California to require all parties to a contract to read the contract for themselves before they sign it. In Riverisland Cold Storage v. Fresno-Madera Credit Assn. (2013) 55 Cal.4th 1169, the California Supreme Court overturned 75 years of case law. In a shift in paradigm, the California Supreme Court held that evidence, which may tend to prove fraud of a contract, could be accepted into evidence to prove the contract void or voidable.

Employer’s Obligation to Put Commission Agreements in Writing: Labor Code Section 2751

Business Legal Alert: Effective January 1, 2013, all commission agreements must be in writing and other requirements for California employers. In this short video, attorney Patrick M. Hartnett highlights the requirements of Labor Code Section 2751 to help Employers avoid litigation and disputes in California.

Tort Law, Right to Privacy, and Employment Law

ATTENTION ALL CALIFORNIA EMPLOYERS: Did you know your employee’s right to privacy can be violated by verbal statements by supervisors? Watch this short video to know the law and find out what you can do to protect yourself and your business.


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