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At the Hartnett Law Group we advise all size and types of corporations from closely held “S” corporations to multi-national corporations and partnerships. We also advise limited liability companies on the proper form and recent developments in the law.


Our goal is to minimize liability to protect you from any potential lawsuit which may arise in the future. And if your business does become involved in a lawsuit, the attorneys at the Hartnett Law Group are prepared to handle that matter for you, as well. 


Our attorneys offer a full range of services, including:

  • Review of corporate books and records to ensure proper form is followed to properly protect assets and insulate liabilities

  • Advising officers and directors of corporations, partnerships, and LLCs

  • Advising corporations, partnerships, and LLCs regarding personnel policies and practices

  • Contract negotiation and drafting

  • Protection of Intellectual Property

  • Advising regarding real estate leases

  • Business formation and dissolution 

  • Change in corporate form

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