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Hartnett Law Group handles business entity disputes, including partnership disputes, corporate dissolutions, and any other legal challenges facing your organization. 


Our group represents corporate, professional and entrepreneurial clients of all sizes, whether it be a small business, or a multi-national corporation and our attorneys have concentrated numerous substantive legal issues that are often at the center of a complicated business litigation dispute including:


  • Intellectual Property

  • Trade Secrets

  • Employment Law

  • Real Estate

  • Business Torts

  • Corporate Governance


The Hartnett Law Group offers inclusive counsel to employers of all sizes, and also represent individuals and employee groups with claims for wrongful termination, discrimination, employer retaliation or other workplace rights conflicts.


Our attorneys have also handled business disputes involving contract, tort, and fraud claims arising from business sales or contracts arising from changes in ownership or the personal dishonesty of a principal.


The Hartnett Law Group provides comprehensive client service on intellectual property litigation in Orange County and Southern California. We advise entrepreneurs, small businesses, and established corporations on situations involving copyrights, trademarks, patents, licenses, trade secrets, advertising practices and proprietary processes. This includes contracts involving non-dispute clauses and issues regarding trade secrets.

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