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Federal and state employment laws impose legal obligations and their attendant risks on every employer.  Hartnett Law Group is devoted to defending management in employment-related lawsuits, which has been recognized as the fastest growing area of civil litigation. 


The Hartnett Law Group also represents individuals and employee groups with claims for wrongful termination, discrimination, employer retaliation or other workplace rights issues. Cases we have handled include discrimination, sexual harassment, wage and hour violations, wrongful discharge, breach of contract, intentional torts, emotional distress and other serious workplace issues. In many situations, the Hartnett Law Group is able to readily determine the possibility of an early settlement and the advantages of trial. 


Hartnett Law Group is ready and able to assist you with:

  • Litigating in state and federal courts, including whistleblower claims, employee privacy issues, qui tam actions and wage and hour matters, and class actions. 

  • Protecting and managing employers’ confidential and proprietary material, trade secrets and business associations from mismanagement or interference. 

  • Handling actions on behalf of employers arising from fraud, theft and other related misconduct. 

  • Conducting independent inquiries regarding allegations of inappropriate employee behavior including many different workplace issues such as discrimination, harassment, and improper business practices.  


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