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Construction Law, both public and private, is at the heart of the Hartnett Law Group’s business practice. From its inception, over 30 years ago, the Hartnett Law Group has advocated on behalf of individuals and businesses that have found themselves in construction disputes.


The Hartnett Law Group is experienced in areas relating to construction law including: 

  • Mechanic’s Liens 

  • Mining Liens

  • Stop Notices 

  • Payment Bonds 

  • Contractor’s Licenses

  • Contractor’s License Bonds


Each of the attorneys at the Hartnett Law Group has experience advocating for contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers to receive full payment. We at the Hartnett Law Group are prepared to advocate on your behalf at any point in the process. Whether you require demand letters for payment, or need a complaint filed to perfect your lien, the Hartnett Law Group is prepared to zealously advocate on your behalf. With 25 years of experience in the Construction Law practice, we are knowledgeable with the laws governing contractors and contractor’s rights. The Hartnett Law Group is experienced in all dispute resolution forums including Superior Court litigation, binding arbitration, or attempting to mediate the matter.


The Hartnett Law Group is knowledgeable and fully up-to-date on the latest changes to the California Lien Laws, particularly SB 189. We are prepared to advise our clients on the particular ways you can integrate these new requirements into your existing or new business. 


In addition to mechanic’s liens and stop notices, the Hartnett Law Group is one of very select number of firms that is well versed in the area of mining lien law. The Hartnett Law Group has even acted as legislative counsel in authoring a bill to protect contractor's rights in the mining industry. Hartnett Law Group has been involved in one of the leading mining lien cases in the state of California and as such our attorney’s are highly knowledgable of the intricacies of the future of mining lien law.

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