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At the Hartnett Law Group, we understand the business of property leasing and recognize that when the relationship with the tenant has soured, you need to quickly and effectively resolve the dispute. Whether resolution involves collection of rent, unlawful detainer, or rectifying another breach of the commercial lease the Hartnett Law Group is prepared to assist. 


The laws in California regarding commercial property unlawful detainer actions are strict and must be specifically followed - particularly the notice and filing deadlines. At the Hartnett Law Group our attorneys are prepared to provide knowledgeable legal counsel to landlords with commercial property throughout Southern California including Orange, Riverside, and Los Angeles Counties. 


We are prepared assist you from negotiating with the tenant regarding payment through the eviction process and will even attend the eviction to properly inventory the property, if requested.

The Hartnett Law Group moves through the expedited process as quickly as possible so you can lease to new tenants and continue operating your business. 

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